Flock of small birds seen at 9pm Driving home after storms.  

I always take the road behind SCCC and the usual suspects are owls, kestrels and killdeer. 

Tonight our car sent a good 30ish birds to hide in the tall grass. 

Once we stopped moving they quickly returned to feeding at the wet roadside grass. But, I could never get very close on foot or by car. 

The thing we noticed is that they almost hopped like frogs when they moved and if we hadn't seen them fly we might have thought frog.  

Their call was a high single chip like note. 

They seemed very pale colored and plain - but they were lit very weirdly in the dark with a street light and car light making it too hard to see. 

I hope that I can sneak away from my family in the morning to try for another look. 

Until then I am reading about the grasshopper sparrow.  Its flushing behavior seems to fit.  I also wonder if the name is a clue to how it moves (hopping) rather than what it eats.  

Anyway, I've been trying out this amazing audubon birds app and it is super cool - so thanks for the heads up!

-Becca Secor
St peters, Mo

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