Brief report from CBCA, St. Louis Co., this morning:

71 species, among which AMERICAN BITTERN (1), SORA (1), LITTLE BLUE HERON (2), SNOWY EGRET (2), and the expectable waterfowl including HOODED MERGANSER (4) plus a single GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE.  Shorebirds included both YELLOWLEGS, SNIPE, and SOLITARY SANDPIPER plus PECTORAL SANDPIPER (38) and DUNLIN (15), the latter all beginning the molt into breeding plumage.  One, possibly two, PEREGRINES cruised the area.

Newly arrived were three ORCHARD ORIOLES.  WARBLING VIREOS becoming numerous.  SWAMP, SAVANNAH, WHITE-CROWNED, and WHITE-THROATED SPARROWS still around, along with the SONG SPARROWS, which however seem to be limited to singing birds on territory.  Single NORTHERN WATERTHRUSH  and YELLOW-RUMPED were my only warblers.

In the large bare field to your right as you start in along the gravel road were at least five BREWER'S BLACKBIRDS, two males and three females, offering nice studies in comparison with cowbirds and redwings.  

Bill Rowe
St. Louis
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