Today, Barb and I drove the Red Bridge-Columbine-Tabor Hollow-Cobb Ridge road circuit.  We tallied 88 total species with 20 species of warbler.  Our first bird was a Common nighthawk over the parking lot of the Sands cafe on Hwy 14 at Ozark.  For any birders in the area who enjoy eating breakfast, we recommend this cafe.  It opens at 6:00am.  It is just east of the jct of Hwy 14 and F. Some of the birds we heard/saw and some numbers are listed.

Blue-winged warbler------------ 6
Tennessee---------------------- 41
Nashville---------------------- 32
N. parula---------------------- 22
Yellow-rumped------------------ 21
Black-throated green----------- 7
Yellow-throated warbler-------- 9
Pine--------------------------- 11
Cerulean----------------------- 6
Black-and-white---------------- 22
A. redstart-------------------- 11
Prothonotary------------------- 1
Worm-eating-------------------- 10
Ovenbird----------------------- 23
N. Waterthrush----------------- 1
L. waterthrush----------------- 5
Kentucky----------------------- 21
C. Yellowthroat---------------- 4
Hooded------------------------- 8
Chat--------------------------- 7
White-eyed vireo
Yellow-throated vireo---------- 9
Warbling vireo
Philadelphia------------------- 2
Summer Tanager----------------- 18
Scarlet tanager---------------- 20
Blue grosbeak------------------ 6
Rose-breasted------------------ 10
N. oriole---------------------- 5
Orchard oriole----------------- 3
Pewee-------------------------- 5
Great-crested------------------ 3
Swainson's thrush-------------- 11
Wood thrush-------------------- 7
R.T. hummingbird--------------- 7
Cedar waxwing------------------ 175

We saw Sharp-shinned hawk in the same area where they have been present for the past 6 weeks.  Still unable to see any birds on the nest we located.  Hope to confirm that they are a breeding pair.

David Blevins
Greene county

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