I birded the are from Thompson River WRP to Poosey CA, NW Livingston County yesterday afternoon and evening. To tired to post last night and to work at 7 a.m. today. Some of the birds observed -


Am, Bittern - 2 - was just thinking how good to see all the reports of AMBI this Spring, I had seen couple earlier
Western Sandpiper - 2
Forester's Tern
Green Heron
RN Pheasant
Northern Waterthrush -2 at same place obs. on the 14th

Poosey CA and surrounding area-

Short-eared Owl - have to check later for possible nesting?
Wild Turkey
Northern Bobwhite - 2 pair + several more heard - so there are still Quail where there is good habitat
Grasshopper Sparrow - heard at 8:24 p.m.
Henslow's Sparrow - several in different areas
White-eyed Vireo
Nashville Warbler
Harris's Sparrow - beautiful close to breeding plumage jumped up when pishing WEVI
Eastern Towhee - many singing
Whip-poor-will - several
Chuck-will's-widow - 1 -didn't know if any would be back yet

Have to go listen for Nighthawks now!

Steve Kinder
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