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There will be a bird walk on April 14, 2012 from 7 am to 10 am at Bradford Farm, Boone County ( - for location and driving directions). There is a native plant sale from 10 am on.


We always have good birds, but who know what will be the special sightings for this trip. We do best with lots of folks so we can get good looks at secretive species such as Le Conte’s Sparrow. We also see savannah, song, field, and other sparrows, Also, possible are Smith’s Longspurs, rails, perhaps early sedge and marsh wrens, several swallow species, American Golden Plovers, and other shorebirds, northern harriers, and many more species. Several waterfowl species on the ponds and wet sloughs are usually present. We have had occasionally golden eagles, prairie falcons, upland sandpipers, and other welcomed sightings.     




Brad Jacobs

Missouri Department of Conservation

P.O.Box 180

Jefferson City , MO 65102

573-751-4115 ext 3648


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