Itís been an exciting time for great finds at CACHE sites, lately.  Sayís Phoebe and Greater Roadrunner at small access sites illustrate the value of even small bits of appropriate habitat for many species of birds.  The importance of checking on and reporting sightings from these sites is also highlighted by these finds.

Here is a bakerís dozen of current and past target sites for CACHE and SPARKS that visits and trip reports during the next two weeks (latter half of April) would fill in gaps in occurrence data.  They are scattered around the state; all will have good birding this time of year, and all could produce a surprise (although, no SAPH or GRRU is promised).

Some of these would be great places to bird en route to/from the ASM Spring Meeting in Joplin.

Bodacious birding to all!

Weston Bend SP, Platte Co.   3rd week of April

Fountain Grove CA, Linn, Livingston Co.   3rd week of April

Bunch Hollow CA, Carroll Co.   4th week of April

Locust Creek CA, Sullivan Co.  3rd and 4th week of April

Hunnewell Lake CA, Shelby Co.  4th week of April

Confluence Point SP, St. Charles Co. (needs reports from now through summer)

Johnsonís Shut-Ins SP, Reynolds Co.  3rd and 4th week of April

Sand Prairie CA, Scott Co.  3rd week of April

Bennett Spring SP, Laclede, Dallas Co. 3rd and 4th week of April

Bois DíArc CA, Green Co.    3rd and 4th week of April

Shawnee Trail CA, Barton Co.   3rd and 4th week of April

Bushwhacker Lake CA, Barton Co.  3rd and 4th week of April  

Ben Branch Lake CA, Osage Co.   3rd and 4th week of April

Edge Wade
ASM Conservation Partnership Coordinator
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