I made a rush trip over my lunch hour from my office on the west side of town to Mari-Osa hoping to get lucky enough to see the roadrunner on the ground since I only saw it in the tree Tuesday. Since I spent the first 10 minutes of my lunch actually eating, I literally only had about 10 minutes at the access, and I found no sign of the roadrunner. There were a couple vehicles in the lot and a camping site set up to one side, but no people were around at the time. I did get a fun, up-close look at some cliff swallow nests from my car. I stopped under one of the overpasses and looked right up into the nests, and I could see little beaks peaking out of most of the holes. Cute.
One notable sighting wasn't at Mari-Osa but on the way. I noticed a bird on a power line crossing over Hwy 50 between the Hwy 179 and Dix Road exits. As I passed under it, I craned my neck to get a better look (This is why my TaeKwon-Do instructor never allows me to drive when we carpool to events.), and I'll say right off that I did NOT get a good look at this bird, and furthermore, I did NOT notice an especially long tail, but I DID notice reddish-colored flanks on an otherwise white undersides with gray uppers. What else would that be but a scissor-tailed flycatcher? Perhaps my angle kept me from really seeing the tail. Who knows. Maybe I'm totally off. I wouldn't expect a scissor-tailed right in the middle of town.
Amy J. Hoffman
Jefferson City
Cole County
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