The Backyard Bird Center in Kansas City, North, organized a bird hike to English Landing Park in Parkville this morning, which was led by Mary Nemecek.  The weather was overcast and there was a cold wind blowing off the Missouri River, but we had a nice outing.  The species seen and/or heard by our group are as follows:
   Canada Geese - 2
   Turkey Vultures - 2
   Mourning Dove
   Belted Kingfisher
   Red-bellied Woodpecker (heard only)
   Eastern Phoebes - 3
   Blue Jay (heard only)
   American Crow
   Black-capped Chickadees
   Swallow, sp.  Brief look as it flew away, not able to ID
   Eastern Bluebirds - 3
   American Robins - many
   Northern Mockingbirds - 3
   Harris's Sparrows - 7+
   White-throated Sparrow (heard only)
   Northern Cardinals - many
   Red-winged Blackbirds (heard only)
   Brown-headed Cowbirds - 3
   House Sparrows

We also heard at least one possible Yellow-rumped Warbler.

Good birding!
Susan Seyboth
Kansas City, MO
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