I am forwarding part of an email that came in last night after I went to bed.  Columbia area birders, this is worth checking out!

I will be out of touch all day.

Edge Wade
Columbia, MO
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Forwarded email (sent and referring to Tuesday, April 10):

Believe it or not - we went down toward Eagle Bluffs and took the River Road - Providence Road access and Smith
Hatchery Road Somewhere on the river around roads N and M looking across  the river there were several GBH and what I thought was
a crested caracara - we had seen these a couple of times when we lived out west.  The birds were standing on rocks in a line.
Sorry don't have GPS so can't give exact - it was before we turned inland to the farm buildings and storage silos
We took the road all the way to M and out that way.

We looked at the bird books we had and think this is what we saw - was I surprised when I opened
the email from the list serv tonight
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