A search party needed to look for a three day old report of a crested caracara!


This morning I received an email from a Saturday April 7, 2012 report of a Crested Caracara at the junction of U highway and Crimson Lane north of I-44 just east of Sarcoxie, Jasper County. It was seen on the ground first and then flying with vultures.  It was seen in the field se of the junction of U and Crimson. It landed in some of the trees bordering that field. If you have time maybe do some wider area searches several times. You will need to get off at Exit 29 and go east on the north frontage road to get to the north heading stretch of U highway.


There are cell phone images that I won’t be able to see until Friday, so, I hope SW MO birders are looking for an excuse to pursue a possible first state record.  I personally don’t know what you will find, but I called the observer who works for MDC and he seemed absolute on what he saw. His wife reported seeing red on the face, and they saw white in the base of the primaries.   


I am hoping some folks might have time to search the area where this bird was first observed, and if you see it, take notes, take photos, write a documentation report, etc. Good birding, I wish I could chase it too. Thanks and good luck.  





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Missouri Department of Conservation

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