Headed out this morning to get my fitness bike ride.  This was really
hard for me last year because I always wanted to be birding and didn't
like speeding down the MKT trail.  But, now that I'm birding more by
ear, I find it to be perfect.

As I left my yard listening to the chorus of a brown thrasher just
singing his little heart out, I headed down the MKT trail.  I was
serenaded by the usual suspects like cardinals, robins, titmice,
Carolina wrens and chickadees.  Today there were at least a dozen
parulas joining in.  I also thought I heard a yellow warbler (sweet,
sweet, sweeter than sweet, right?) but not positive on that one since
I haven't heard it since last year.  My big reward came at the half-
way point of my ride when I ended up at the water filtration fields
just past the Perche Creek bridge.  As I watched out over the fields I
heard 2 different Soras calling.  That is a sound I haven't forgotten
since last year.  No bitterns that I could detect.  Last week as this
same spot I had a Great Egret circling overhead.  The ponds were
filled with blue-winged teals and coots and many Canada Geese.  Quite
a few Red-winged blackbirds were spotting the field.

It was a lovely ride back as well with all the same birds serenading
me.  My stop to walk my bike through the Forum wetlands was rewarded
with great views of both the Red-shouldered Hawk and Red-tailed Hawk.
A strong knocking that must surely be the pileated woodpecker working
that I've seen regularly on my walks through the area.  Altogether a
lovely Easter and lovely way to start the day.

Bird on,
Lottie Bushmann
Columbia, MO

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