Fellow birders:

My wife, Barb, and I drove the Red Bridge-Columbine-Tabor Hollow roads this morning.  All morning was overcast with scattered showers and some heavy rain.  We had a few new species for the year.  We then travelled down H hiway to Round Mtn. road and back to Hwy 65.  Here we added another 3 new species.  Back at Springfield, we stopped at the nature center where we had our lst Prothonatory warblers.  In all, we had 15 species of warbler for the day.  Following are some of the birds seen/heard during the day.

Red Bridge-Columbine-Tabor Hollow roads  Mark Twain National forest

Black-and-white warbler------------- 29
Yellow-rumped----------------------- 93
N. Parula--------------------------- 27
L. Waterthrush----------------------  3
Kentucky----------------------------  9
Common Yellowthroat-----------------  1
Blue-winged-------------------------  2
Yellow-throated warbler-------------  4
Ovenbird----------------------------  10
Hooded------------------------------  6
Pine--------------------------------  7
R.T. hummingbird--------------------  1
Scarlet Tanager---------------------  1  seen
W.E. Vireo--------------------------  3
R.E. Vireo-------------------------- 17
Yellow-throated vireo---------------  8

Round Mountain Road to Hwy 65

Black-and-white--------------------- 11
Yellow-rumped----------------------- 22
N. Parula--------------------------- 14
L. Waterthrush----------------------  3
Kentucky----------------------------  1
Yellow-throated warbler-------------  2
Pine--------------------------------  2
Worm-eating-------------------------  1 seen
Yellow warbler----------------------  1
Prairie-----------------------------  2 heard only
R.E. Vireo--------------------------  4
W.E. Vireo--------------------------  2
Summer Tanager----------------------  1 heard only
Broad-winged hawk-------------------  3

Spfd Nature Center

Prothonatory------------------------  2

Much better day than we had anticipated given the weather conditions.

David/Barbara Blevins
Greene County

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