Since no one else posted Friday results....

Just got back from a long but VERY rewarding day of birding. (11:30 PM)

Mari-Osa Access area outside of Jeff. City.
GREATER ROADRUNNER - hanging out in parking lot, then
went to the grassy strip for some worms, then the gravel road for grit
and/or more morsels.

Got there as it just stopped pouring rain.
We entered the area slowly, checking out the rocks under both bridges with
no luck. Then within a few minutes, found the bird on one those parking 
cement thingys (too late to think) by the restrooms.
We stayed under the second bridge to observe/photograph for 20 +/- minutes.
The bird did not seem disturbed/pressured and actually came closer to us.

Charlene and Jim Malone
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St. Louis co.

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