Having a late afternoon meeting in Jeff City, who could resist a stop by the
Mari-Osa Access area?    After about a 20 minute wait, the roadrunner
appeared from behind the rock pile that sits next to the bridge abutment -
and we were able to watch it for at least 20 minutes as it slowly made its
way along the outside edge of the parking lot finally disappearing in the
tree line next to the river.   Made about a 180 degree arc around us.  A
parula was also testing his voice next to the river.   On the way back, made
a quick run through Cedar City hoping for an early Western Kingbird, but did
not see any.   Also checked for the Say's Phoebe for about 15 minutes, but
it was a no-show.


Jean Leonatti

Boone County

Columbia,  MO



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