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I guess it is Godwit time! I counted 22 Hudsonian Godwits this afternoon at the 
Thompson River Wetland NW of town. They were not there when I walked in, but 
heard them coming, then watched them drop in as I was walking back. This has 
been a good location for Godwits the last few years. There was also 50+ Greater 
Yellowlegs on the same narrow spit the HUGO were on. I also saw 2 Pelicans, 
several hundred each Dabbling Ducks, and Am. Coots. The Ducks included a pair of 
Am. Wigeon, and a female Hooded Merganser. A female Northern Harrier was flying 
over the dryer Eastern part of the area. Several Savannah Sparrows were along 
the edges. 

  I hiked to the River to check on the new Eagle nest I found last Winter. I 
watched one adult Eagle flying away from the nest tree, and then watched the 
other one feeding at least one chick in the nest. Hope they make it through the 
storms that are in the forecast.
  Saw one Great Egret in the pool on south side of hwy 190 on the way home.

Steve Kinder
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