I ran down to the  refuge again to check on conditions and birds. I was surprised to hear a House Wren singing. Pretty early for North Mo. I found an American Bittern, but no Rails, though there is some good looking habitat this year. I did hear a loud Cricket Frog however. On the other hand shorebirds were few and scattered in the shallower water since not much mudflats. The PB Grebes - 100+ and Am. Coots - 1000++ were enjoying the higher water on Swan Lake Pool with lots of vocalizing! Most of the expected Ducks were seen, plus a few  Greater White-fronted  Geese. Heard  a Common Yellow-throat, and a couple Marsh Wrens. Several Bald Eagles and a Northern Harrier flying around. Yellow-rumped Warblers and a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker in the Woods.

Steve Kinder
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