Today I watched sixty (60) American Golden-Plover at Muskrat Lake, Saint Joseph, Missouri. I first I noticed five (5) of them in the shallow water on the far shore. Then fifty-five (55) more came circling in overhead. They did a few fly-overs and then landed near the north end of the lake. Presently, the original five (5) flew over to join the larger group. They all preened and picked at apparent food items. They then flew a short distance to the pasture which was in short grass. They squiggled down in the short grass (becoming almost invisible) and rested. I then went on my way. The was one (1) Semipalmated Plover near them when they were in the shallow water. The one was picking around on the muddy shore. A few other shorebirds included three (3) Greater Yellowlegs, one (1) Stilt Sandpiper and some Killdeer.

Larry Lade

Saint Joseph, MO

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