I have a small project I am working on at Eagle Bluffs that I could use some help with bird observations.


In the north section of pool 4 (on the right side of the road, first one-way loop), you will notice there are two areas bounded by posts with either red or blue reflective markers.  I’m interested in the bird response (particularly shorebirds and waterfowl) to the different treatments that have occurred in each of these two fields (one was mowed/disked last fall, the other was not).  If you happen to be birding in the area and would like to contribute, here is what I am interested in knowing:


-          Species observed

-          Number of individuals

-          Which field (red or blue) they were in

-          # of observers

-          Amount of time spent watching this area

-          Your email address (if you want me to send you the results when I am finished)


So, basically what people are putting on CACHE – you could even write this info into the notes section of your CACHE entry (please email me if you do), or send me a separate email (or even drop a hand-written note into our drop box in the small map room at our main office).  Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  If there are any questions please send me an email and I will get back with you.  I’ll send another email to the listserv when it is time to stop collecting this information.




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