Betsy Garrett and I visited Eagle Bluffs CA, southern Boone County, yesterday evening. Items of note, in no particular order, follow:

1.       Purple Martin houses have sprouted up in multiple different spots around the area.

2.       Both Greater and Lesser Yellowlegs  and Pectoral Sandpipers were falling out of the sky into Pool 4.

3.       Vic’s red pole marked area (not disked) versus the blue pole marked area (disked) had huge differences is bird usage (and therefore the amount of time we spent observing). The birds like the blue pole area best.

4.       Pools 14 & 15 were filled with Northern Shovelers and Scaup. Lots of birds way, way out there.

5.       We were surprised to find 11 Greater White-fronted Geese still hanging around amid a group of Canada Geese.

6.       The three rust-colored Sandhill Cranes are still present. They were seen in flight leaving the Pool 4 area and heading up Perche Creek toward Lucy’s Bar & Grill in McBaine (or maybe they were really going to Wetland Cells #2 & #3).

7.       Several flocks of Double-crested Cormorants were fly-overs.


Good birding, Susan


Susan Hazelwood

MOBirds-L Co-Owner

Columbia, MO

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