The WGNSS Saturday group or Archie and myself went to Tower Grove Park to start.  There were at least three Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers fighting over "the tree" all of which appeared to be typical male Yellow-bellieds.  I did see another Sapsucker between the brick house and the ditch that had an unusual back pattern and might have been the bird under discussion, but it flew off before I could get much of a look at it.  We also had both species of Kinglet and Jim Malone found a cooperative Brown Creeper.  There were a fair number of sparrows, but nothing unusual.  Other than the loon reported earlier, there were not many birds at Horseshoe Lake besides Coots and White Pelicans.  There were some very distant ducks, but they were not identifiable.  Archie saw a Great Egret in one of the small pools as we were leaving.  At Columbia Bottom, Yellowlegs dominated the shorebirds with many of both species.  There were only a couple of Pectoral Sandpipers and a couple of Snipe visible.  The hybird Teal was still present in the same area where it was originally reported.   There are still lots of ducks at Riverlands, but we did not find anything of great note.  Scaup predominate, but there were a good variety of other species.  There were also a few Horned Grebes some of which were showing a good deal of breeding plumage and a small group of Bonaparte's Gulls, some with black heads, in the river channel.
David Becher
Saint Louis
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