At least two people have inquired this week about how to learn the earliest dates recorded for species in the CACHE/SPARKS database.

Earliest/latest, etc., dates can be found in the following search:

Finding occurrence records in CACHE/SPARKS


1.  From the homepage, click the CACHE and SPARKS Reports hyperlink on the left side of page…


 2. On the CACHE and SPARKS Reports page, click the Monthly Species Distribution hyperlink on the left side of page…


3.   On the Frequency Detail of CACHE/SPARKS Reported Birds page, set the first dropdown to Entire State 
and set the second dropdown to the name of the species you want to know about  (example:  Yellow-billed Cuckoo)


4.   Click on the Generate Graph button.
 Once the graph loads, you will see a bar for the first month of the year the bird has been reported.
(March for Yellow-billed Cuckoo)

5.  Click on that bar. (for example, the short Mach bar for Yellow-billed Cuckoo).
 This loads the Species List for Selected Species, Month, and Region page.


This search returns:  a report at Trail of Tears SP, (Cape Girardeau Co.), 3/1/1996, Neal Young, one by Michael Gamblin at Pickle Springs NA  (Ste. Genevieve Co.) 3/17/2009, and Becky Estes' recent report for Tingler Prairie in Howell Co. 3/24/20012.

 You can follow this in two ways.  

A.  To see April (or any other month) records, Click  the Return to Species Graph link at the top of the page, you can then click the bar for the month of April to see all the trips that reported the species for that month, etc.

B.  To see the actual record (trip report) and any comments the reporter made:
Click on All Trips Entered
When the page loads, type the name of the site in the box and indicate the timeframe you want.  When the trip reports load, click on the one you want and see details of the report.

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