I birded Eagle Bluffs CA (Boone Co) with Josh Uffman for a couple hours this morning. He'll probably add more later, but the highlight was a pair of early CLIFF SWALLOWS in a tree along the distribution channel across from Pool 10, along with a couple BARN SWALLOWS, a NORTHERN ROUGH-WINGED SWALLOW and a lot of TREE SWALLOWS. The only shorebirds were a few KILLDEER and AMERICAN GOLDEN-PLOVERS (these were along Star School Rd. before entering the CA).

At one point we were both briefly fooled by a WESTERN RED-TAILED HAWK. From a long distance it looked deceptively like a Golden Eagle, so be careful if you go out there with Golden Eagle on the brain (like I did). There was also a second Red-tailed Hawk out there that was either a dark Western or a Harlan's....and a third that looked to be approaching Krider' in short, lots of interesting Red-tailed Hawks out there in the rain today!

My eBird checklist (I may be missing some stuff Josh had):

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