ASM's March newsletter,* The Bluebird*, containing a registration form for
ASM Spring Meeting in Joplin, April 27-29, is expected to be mailed next
week.  A few local post offices delay delivery of bulk mail until a
convenient time.  It is possible that not all subscribers will receive it
in time to register by the April 16 deadline.  Please consider registering
online.  It requires no envelope, no stamp, no trip to the mailbox, just a
few clicks and it's done.  Below is a step-by-step guide to the process.

If you know someone who is not online, please suggest  if they have not
received *The Bluebird* by April 6 to phone me and ask that a form be
mailed to them.

ASM members and non-members are welcome at our meetings.   If you are a
member, invite someone who is not.

   - Go to  Find and click on  "Register for the next ASM
   meeting."  Or go directly to .
   - When you arrive at the page which says, just below the main banner,
   "ASM Spring Meeting Registration 4/27/2012 to 4/29/2012 at La Quinta Inn,
   3320 S. Rangeline Rd., Joplin MO," complete the form for *one* person.
   - *Very important:  Scroll to the bottom of the field trip list and
   click, "Add this person to the registration."   *
   - At the top of the form, text will appear which says, "A person has
   been added to your registration form.   Please scroll down to see the
   details and a running total of registration costs.
   - Repeat that process for each person you wish to register.  If all
   registrants on your form are not requesting the same field trips, you will
   need to remove the previous selections.  (just click in the check box)
   - Provide an email address.    Look carefully at your list of
   registrations. Confirm that meals are accurately selected and field trips
   are what you intended.  Is the $ amount what you expected?
   - If there is an error, delete the incorrect registration and add that
   person again.
   - Click on either "Pay by Check" or "Pay by Credit Card through ASM's
   PayPal Account."   Follow the outlined procedure.
   - If your registration is successful, and you provided an email address,
   you will receive an email confirmation.

PayPal is  secure, easy to use, and administratively simplest for ASM.   I
urge you to try it.  However, if you prefer to mail a check, that works,

If you have a problem registering, we want to know.  Someone else may be
experiencing that same difficulty.   Feel free to call me  and I will
answer or find answers to questions or walk you through the process.

June Newman


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