Mobirders: Today , I walked the Blue Grosbeak Trail and it didn't have alot
of bird activity because it was so windy. So I ventured out into my
favorite woodcock field to see if I could scare some up. I did manage to
flush 6 or 7 Woodcocks from their roosting sites. On my way back to the
parking lot, I came upon a Woodcock sitting on the ground near some small
trees. I managed to get a quick photo of the bird before it burst into the
air. To my amazement, it was a female that was sitting on 3 eggs!  I have
found Woodcock nests in this same overgrown field before, but never this
early in the year. Most nests I have located with eggs have been in late
March or early April. I guess everything is early this year with all the
warm weather. You can see photos I took of the nest by clicking on the link

I will stay away from this nest until her 4th egg is layed as I don't want
her to abandon it. Also, as with all ground nesting birds, once you have
been near a nest like this, predators can follow your scent to it and
destroy it. This nest is very close to the parking area at the entrance to
the Blue Grosbeak trail with quite a bit of human activity. The nest is
also close to a deer trail in the field, so I hope all goes well. With all
the woodcocks in this area, it would be a great spot to watch for the
male's ariel displays and for the "peenting" the follows.
Good birding,
Dave Pierce
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