As we experience the first stirrings of spring, many of us begin to think about wandering a bit further afield to find birds. 

There are many, many great places to bird in Missouri.  Here are some very good places that are among the current "target" or "focus" sites in the ASM agreements with DNR and MDC called CACHE and SPARKS.  We are making a special effort to "fill in gaps" in the trip report dates so the checklists (and bird occurrence records) are more complete and representative.

For the first half of March for current target sites:

Big Oak Tree SP
Johnsonís Shut-Ins SP
Meramec SP
Prairie SP (the first week of March)
Weston Bend SP (the first week of March)
Wah-Kon-Tah Prairie CA
White River Trace CA

Some previous target sites that early March visits would "fill in gaps":

Montrose CA (second week in March)
Rebel's Cove CA
Young CA

Please take the time to record your finds in the CACHE/SPARKS database.

Edge Wade
ASM Conservation Partnership Coordinator
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