Yesterday, 3-4-12, Ellen and I took the boy (Aston, our Springer Spaniel) and went out for the day. We started at Knob Noster SP to find the Pine Warbler that Larry Olpin had found earlier. And we were not disappointed. We drove right up to the stand of pines and there he was singing away. Very nice. Thanks Larry.
The weather was very enjoyable and we had a great day. Listed below are the highlights of our trip. Places visited were: Knob Noster SP, Montrose CA, Schell-Osage CA.
Knob Noster SP:
Pine Warbler
Pileated Woodpecker
Red-Headed Woodpecker
White-Breasted Nuthatch
Montrose CA:
Northern Pintail - 274
Green-Winged Teal
Gadwall Mallard
What we noticed was a real absence of sparrows. Total sparrow list was 7 Song Sparrows. That's it!
Schell-Osage CA:
Blue-Winged Teal - 15
Wilson Snipe - 15
American White Pelican - 250
Bald Eagle - 3 (immature)
Red-Shouldered Hawk - 2
Ross's Goose - 4 (all four were together in a small group of Snows; on the road)
Carolina Chickadee - 3 (all three were singing)
Carolina Wren - 2
Of course, we had all of the "usual suspect" that you would normally find for this time of year. Some pluses and a few misses, but it was a fun day. You can go to the CACHE/SPARKS part of the website for a full list of all of the birds.
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