After reading a post from Dave Blevins, Margie & I went out to Bois D Arc Conservation Area in Greene County to check on American Woodcocks and Owls this evening.
We were able to see and hear several Woodcocks in flight and one on the ground in the same area that Dave reported them, near the entrance to the Dalton shooting range.  We also saw one Barred Owl and heard at least four more that got into the "monkey call" routine.
We did not hear any Eastern Screech Owls or Great Horned Owls, but we checked the Great-horned nest from last year and it is active again this year.
The nest is on private property adjacent to the southwest corner of the conservation area.  Go to the intersection of farm roads 53 and 94, (south and west of the Dalton shooting range) then look southwest behind the red barns.  A spotting scope helps a bunch in this situation.
Jerry Williams
Greene County, MO.
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