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CWP Seminar: Online Course Design & Instruction

Wednesday, March 14, 2012 from 12:00 – 1:30pm (lunch provided)

Conley House (1st Floor Conference Room)

“Teaching WI online sounds like a great idea, but how do I DO it?”

Online courses are growing on campus and offer great scheduling and technological flexibility but, particularly as a WI course, may be daunting to faculty who haven’t taught one before (or even if they have!).  Both building rapport with students and the logistics of managing materials offer unique challenges in a hybrid or online format.  Whether you have questions or answers, please join us for this panel discussion of e-learning best practices and faculty experiences with the ways writing assignments are assigned, how students turn in written work, how faculty give feedback on written work, and how faculty teach writing issues in an online venue.

Jackie Thomas

Administrative Assistant

University of Missouri Campus Writing Program

Conley House, 602 Sanford St.

Columbia, MO  65211


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