Call for Papers

for the session „Image/Text/Medium“ of the 13th International Conference of The International Society for the Study of European Ideas

University of Cyprus in Nicosia

2 – 6 July, 2012.

What exactly is a medium? How is it related to the image? How is it related to the body – of the reader, the viewer, the listener, and the creative artist? How do we distinguish between medium and text, medium and message, iconic and linguistic signs? We are interested in the documentary aspect of canonical works of art, from their bounded physical representation to the idea of a shared understanding, especially in concepts such as imagetext, interface, intericonicity, and intermediality, but also in the ethically charged notions of truth, spectacle, propaganda, etc. This session is open to cultural and intellectual historians, to cultural anthropologists and sociologists, philosophers, but also to writers and artists. Especially German approaches from Benjamin to Friedrich Kittler are solicited.

Please submit 150-word abstracts by March 30, 2012 to:  Hans-Peter Söder

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