Dear friends,


Burroughs Audubon is working on a project.  We are developing a new flash
guide that highlights the Important Bird Areas, habitats, and birds of
northwest Missouri.  We'll be specifically using the guide to open up the
world of birding to children and families at Wings Over Weston each year.  


I'd be grateful for a suggestion or two:

                We are dividing our birds by habitat in the guide.  While we
have birds that are found in woodland and forest, we also have birds that
are found on the edge in brush or bushes.  I'm looking for a creative word
for "edge."  Perhaps I'm making this too difficult, but "edge" didn't seem
appropriate.  Is there a better word?


Thank you for your suggestions!


Christine Kline

Board Member ~ Friends of Squaw Creek and Burroughs Audubon

Pleasant Hill, Cass County

Home/Office: (816) 540-3515

Cell: (816) 824-1074

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