At BK Leach CA, on Martin Luther King Day, I saw my first Snowy Owl.  I also witnessed a SUV really close to it.  I photographed that car w/a big lens on me and the passenger looking at me w/binos.  Why were they concerned about me w/the owl 15 yards away from them? I was 100 yards away or more.  Could it be that they knew they were wrong?  The owl flushed and they pursued.  They got out, tripods and all, to photograph some more.  The car eventually stopped at my location and bragged that close looks could be had by asking the private land owners permission onto their land.
After some soul searching, I decided to post the SUV photo on ASM's Facebook Page-the least I could do.  I also called the CA headquarters and shared with them what I saw.  They responded by telling folks to give the bird room-kudos to them.  However, a proactive approach by them upon the first sighting or posting on their FB page may have prevented this intrusion. 

If one disrespects birds in a deliberate way, the photo that may be talked about isn't the unbelievable shot, rather the unbelievable behavior of the picture taker.   And that certainly won't be positive publicity. 
Bryan Prather
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St. Louis Co., Mo. 
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