Mary Anne and I birded Riverlands MBS in St Charles County this afternoon.  We observed the Long-tailed Duck in Teal Pond, swimming with Common Mergansers and Common Goldeneyes.  We were on the road, and noticed it was swimming towards the gas station.  We parked at the gas station and managed to get some wonderful views from the gas station.!i=1717747558&k=KK4WxSx

We stopped along the road to check for the reported White-winged Scoter and Surf Scoter.  We were looking at a Snow Goose and Ross's Goose.  Christian Hagenlocher crossed the road and put our scope onto the two Scoters that were swimming and diving with a small raft of Common Goldeneyes.  Thanks to Christian for his assistance.

Our next stop was to check on the Common Redpolls from the visitor center.  We found one female in a tree with many American Goldfinches.

We were unable to relocate the Black Scoter at lincoln Shields.  Except for three Goldeneyes, all of the ducks were out of scope range.

David & Mary Anne Marjamaa
Manchester, MO
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