Long time, Saint Joseph, MO birder, Leo Galloway, passed away last night, February 18, 2012 at the Saxton Riverside Care Center here in Saint Joseph. Many of you older Missouri birders will remember him from his birding activities around the state and beyond. His other interests involved biking and quilting. I believe that he rode his bicycle on roads in every county in the state of Missouri. Each year (excepting the last several years) he would ride his bike for 100 miles on the day of his birthday. He made quite a few quilts and some of his entries in various quilting shows won prizes.

He was an exceptional birder and a good friend. He will be missed!

A memorial service will be held Tuesday, February 21, at 1:00 p.m.at the Savannah Baptist Church.  Visitation prior to the service at the church at noon.  Cards can be sent to Ruth Galloway at the Saxton Riverside Care Center, 1616 Weisenborn Rd., St. Joseph, Mo. Ruth's phone number is 816-232-8035.  The obituary will be in the St. Joseph News-Press tomorrow.
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