I visited Eagle Bluffs CA (Boone Co.) for the first time in 2012, from about 11am-2pm today. I was hoping that the weather (misty rain, fog) would do two things: keep the traffic down (check) and bring out the SHORT-EARED OWLS (check).

Here is my photo-enhanced eBird checklist (with specific location information for some species):

Fishing in Perche Creek was poor.

For those just interested in the birding highlights: 6+ SHORT-EARED OWLS, LOGGERHEAD SHRIKE, 2 GREATER YELLOWLEGS (heard and seen, but not photographed; will document), lots of KILLDEER, many raptors (including HARLAN'S HAWK) and 8+ LE CONTE'S SPARROWS. Duck numbers (particularly diving ducks) increased as the day went on. At 11am I found almost no ducks in the Distribution Channel, but there were several small groups when I left. Despite much searching, I could not locate the Great-tailed Grackles or the Sandhill Cranes that have been in the area all winter.

Good birding,

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