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Special GSNA Session at the 2013 MLA Convention

Goethe "als Vermittler": Writing and Mediation

Following Goethe's own remarks on mediation, in "Der Versuch als Vermittler von Objekt und Subjekt," this panel will investigate the "experiments" in mediation that characterize and are explicitly thematized throughout his work. From Goetz's iron hand to Faust's pact and final building project, Tasso's "dichten" to the natural scientist's colors, morphologies, and "theorizing," from elegies, lyrics of metamorphoses, autobiographical writings and conversations to the novelist's own ever-active character, "Mittler," Goethe's writing expands the realm of mediation almost beyond limit, ostensibly equating the natural and the fictive, the experiential and the experimental, the constructed and contrived. Papers investigating mediation in any of Goethe's works -- specific forms, acts, accounts or stories of mediation, their represented status and effectivity -- are welcome; close analyses of single works preferred.

Please send titles and 100 word abstracts to Claudia Brodsky, Princeton University; [log in to unmask]  
by March 1, 2012.

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