German Studies Association Conference, October 4-7, 2012 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin


The upheaval in the Arab world and its depiction in the media have been driven to a great extent by amateur photographs and videos, uploaded to the internet. Recent literary, filmic, and artistic representations critically engage with the nature and marketing of these images.

The aim of this panel is to explore the role of
- photographic images (private snapshots versus journalistic photos)
- amateur videos (cell phones, cheap cameras)
- the new media and social networks
- the marketing of these images and their impact on our perception of the events
- the depiction of the Arab Spring in the German media
- literary, filmic, and other artistic representations of the Arab Spring
- representations that self-reflectively engage with the nature and use of these images.

Please send a 200-word abstract as well as a short bio-blurb to Karolin Machtans ([log in to unmask]) by Saturday, February 18.

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