Navigating the High School-to-College Transition: a Discussion on
Mountain Interstate Foreign Language Conference, Wake Forest University,
NC, October 18-20, 2012

For popular and peripheral languages alike, a strong connection between
high school and university programs is growing increasingly
important due to factors such as shifting enrollment trends, changing AP
criteria, and increased service learning requirements.

Papers are being considered for a panel on articulation between high school
and university language courses, as well as interaction between the
university and high school language-learning community.  Possible topics
include papers from individuals who have had experiences with one or more
of the following:

-active work with statewide teaching organizations,
-a language tutoring program in local schools,
-successful recruitment activities aimed at local high school language
-a successful transitional foreign language class for college freshmen

This panel is intended as a hybrid between the traditional conference
session and a roundtable.  Participants are encouraged to report on
and self-assess their or their university's experiences with any of the
above categories.

Please send a short description of your topic (1-2 paragraphs) by March 10,
2012 to [log in to unmask] (Alyssa Howards, Associate Professor of German,
Box 7353, Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, NC 27109).

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