A little more detail from yesterday afternoon's (1/28) visit to Otter Slough CA.

While there looking over Canvasbacks in Pool 15, I noticed a Rosy-billed duck which turned out to be a Lesser Scaup. This isn't the first time I've seen this; I've seen this once before within the past couple years. A little searching online gave way to research that the Minnesota DNR was performing in 2004/2005. Photos of the Otter Slough bird can be viewed here:

More online information here should you happen across a similar bird:
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On the same topic of cool and weird, the past two winters, I've been fortunate enough to observed (possibly the same individual) leusistic Gadwall that appeared a creamy butterscotch color. I have yet to locate it this year.

However, while I was setting up to scope through a flock of American Wigeon looking for that elusive Eurasian Wigeon, a pale caramel and white bird popped out of the flock of Wigeons. Images can be viewed here:


Bird on!

Chris Barrigar


Stoddard Co.

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