Started at the Blue Grosbeak Trail at Weldon Springs.  No sign of the Common Ground Dove or a Harris Sparrow although I did find a good size flock of White-crowned and American Tree Sparrows that also included at least one Fox Sparrow.  The LeConte's Sparrows are still present in the taller grass on the right after the top of the first hill in the area near the ponds. 
Josh Uffman, who I met there, told me about a Red-breasted Nuthatch at Lake 6 at Busch which I got a quick glimpse of in the row of pine trees.  It was in the area that is no longer accessable by car. 
 At the feeders on the Fallen Oak Trail there were a good number of birds including two male Purple Finches. 
I then drove up to B. K. Leach.  Along Route M between the first small bridge and the slough I spotted a hawk flying away with a mostly white tail with a sharply defined black band near the tip.  This is typical of Rough-legged Hawk.  By the time I could get turned around it had flown out of sight to the south and I was unable to refind it.  As others have mentioned the Snowy Owl had moved up north, but it was still very visible.  I could not find the second bird and did not hear of anyone who did.  A large flock of White-fronted Geease few over as I watched the owl.  Further north along Rt 79 there was a large mixed flock of Canada and Snow Geese feeding in one of the fields.  I waited till dark, but did not see any Short-eared Owls.
David Becher
Saint Louis
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