We headed to Smithville Lake to see if the snowy owls were still around. We drove to the dam and to Little Platte Park where they had been spotted in the past, but no body seemed to be around.  We drove to the other side of the lake to Camp Branch and to Crow's Creek and saw no owls.... :(

However, I was delighted to see a couple hundred Common Mergansers (both male and female) in a cove near the U.S.A.C.E. Visitors center.  I had not seen a Common Merganser before, and I got to see a lot!

Also we spotted Canada geese, snow geese, coots, etc.

I will head back up tomorrow morning to spend a little more time looking at the waterfowl and maybe get lucky to see a Snowy Owl.

~Shelly Colatskie
Ashland/Boone County

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