I saw eight Greater Yellowlegs at Otter Slough this morning in Unit 35.  I don’t know whether this would be the latest winter sighting or the earliest spring sighting. I’ll document the observation.


There is scattered ice in shallow areas of the refuge, but most water is still open and the mudflats not frozen.


Most impressive is the number of geese. Tens of thousands of Snow Geese flying overhead constantly and on the water in the pools. The sound of them taking off together sounds like a distant explosion. Many hundreds of Greater White-fronted Geese and more Canada Geese than I’ve seen at Otter Slough.


On the boardwalk through the woods I caught a glimpse of a probable Orange-crowned Warbler, with yellowish flanks and lack of any streaking. It was hanging out with a winter wren (three seen along the boardwalk), an especially beautiful Downy and several chickadees and titmice, and a Brown Creeper in a tree above. Sparrows included Swamp, Song, Savannah, White-crowned and White-throated.


I’ll post the full list on CACHE.


Bruce Beck

Poplar Bluff

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