Arrived at the eastern-most turn around circle at the end of the 2nd one-way loop at EBCA, Boone county, about 4:30 this evening. The Short-eared Owls were already up and barking. I turned in a circle and counted at least nine but believe  there were more present. Intermixed with the SEOW were three Northern Harriers. The Red-winged Blackbirds were coming in to roost. The sparrows were jumping back and forth. I pished, hoping to see my first Swamp Sparrow of the year and got it, plus Savannah Sparrows, Song Sparrows and one LeConte’s Sparrow. The LeConte’s was on the north side of the circular turn-around, in the grasses, but quite close to the turn-around. Ducks were streaming overhead, Bald Eagles were flying past, Red-tailed Hawks were perched in the tree line along Perche Creek, and as I was leaving two Sandhill Cranes circled above. Lovely!


Good birding, Susan


Susan Hazelwood

Columbia, MO

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