Our two-car group was delighted to see the adult male Snowy Owl in bright 
sunlight this morning, thoughtfully posing where the dark soil met the 
snowcovered trail.  Thought the Horned Larks buzzing around him were going to 
make him move, but he seemed very relaxed and only turned his head slightly.  We 
were happy to return home and see Clark Creighton's post about his second Snowy 
Owl complete with photographs.

Not everyone was able to go up to BK Leach today, so it would be appreciated if 
those going Sunday morning report findings as soon as possible if they have 
smart phones of some ilk.  Thanks in advance.

Jackie Chain
St Louis County
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Boy, think that was an understatement...;-)
Pretty darn cool that 2 SNOWY OWLs were seen.
(forgot who initially found the female imm bird..sorry)
GREAT find......don't know if this a St. L area first or not.

But even more incredible was that "Eagle-Eye" Andrew re-found
her hunkered down in the corn stubble/dark soil with all the dark
and white geese in front of her....with just his bins.
WOW indeed. ....... right after I scoped this area.....color me red.
Looks like I better go to the pharm and get some eye health supplements.
THANKS for finding the female guys and sharing...sharing, the best part of 

Side note
On the way up to BK Leach CA and before I got the Snowy Owl call,
drove the backroads of St. Charles/Linc. co along the Hwy 79 corridor.
The end of Firma and the beginning of Dalbow roads, had 12 Eagles in one tree
with 9 in a line of trees near them. Must be some open water around there.
Here to the end of Dalbow was "raptor rich" with several more eagles seen,
as well as an array of Red-tails and Harriers. One field looked very good for
S-E Owls.

Sandy Slough, Winfield Dam, Linc co.
NO least Sandpipers but found multiple Killdeer and one Kingfisher
(have not seen either of these species this winter).
Some ducks in front of the dam, but jut the usual suspects.

THANKS to everyone for all the Snowy Owl updates AND the Vermilion
updates too even if they were negative.

Good chasing all,
Charlene Malone
St. Louis co.

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