Mobirders -
    I birded the four Joplin area lagoons this Friday morning.
    The water was frozen over, but I was hoping for a snipe.  Nope.
    Instead, at the Carl Junction lagoons, there were three
    Least Sandpipers out on the ice, playing tag and pecking at
    the ice.  What fun!  A Killdeer decided to join their tag team.
    I had a nice look up close at them and will document on line.
    They are our only peep with yellowish legs. 
    Also, in the salt shed at the CJ lagoons, there was no activity
    in there so I was hoping that the Barn Owl had returned.  Instead
    a Cooper's Hawk was in there - up close and personal - and
    he or she didn't fly.  I had a great look at him or her too! 
    I wish that you all could have birded with me this morning.
    It was a nice morning to be out in spite of  20 to 25 F., and windy. 
    Larry Herbert,  Joplin, Jasper County MO.  01-13-12.
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