I visited Eagle Bluffs this afternoon and had an unusual sighting for me. I was told by a couple of women that were leaving when I arrived that they thought they had seen a roosting shor eared owl near one of the pools. I had just finished scoping pools 14/15 and was leaving, when a young women began walking toward the pools across the field with her camera. After pulling out of the parking area, I looked back and noticed she had flushed out a large number of large birds. I got out of my car and identified at least 12 short eared owls flying around the area immediately above her. They had apparently been in the field in front of pools 14/15. I have never seen so many short eared owls. It was spectacular. I watched them for a while as they fluttered about and they eventually settled back into the field. The young woman was unaware of what type of birds they were, but she did get a number of pictures. I encouraged her to post them on MOBIRDS. Other than this event, I did not see anything that has not already been posted the past couple of days. I am still looking for the sandhill cranes that have repeatedly been reported there.


Scott Johnston

Cole County



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