Hello MO-birders:

I am cleaning out closets, and unearthed a set of 15 cassette tapes once 
passed to me by a biologist friend, containing songs and calls of a wide 
range of New World birds. I was about to throw them out, since I no 
longer own the equipment necessary to play them, when my better half 
suggested mentioning them to the list. I'd be happy to give them away.

Candidly, since I cannot play these I cannot determine their audio 
quality, breadth, or user-friendliness. They are obviously recorded off 
other tapes or a CD and have very little in the way of labeling. Each 
tape has a general label (e.g., "Voices of the New World Owls") with no 
further detail. A number of them cover C. and S. American birds 

I guess if you spend a lot of time in a car with a tape deck, these 
could be fun. Send me an email if you're interested - first-come 

Cathy Keane
St. Louis City

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