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>I have reviewed "The Best American Poetry 2011", an annual compilation that
attempts to showcase the best poems in this nation last year:  Celebrated
Minor Contemporary American Poetry.  I hope that you enjoy it.  I write in
the spirit of encouraging dialogue about this art form and its greater
public potential. 
>The review was published on Dec. 28th but I have delayed dissemination
until now to avoid overcrowded holiday in-boxes.
>Best wishes for the New Year.
>Eugene Schlanger

A chance to criticize the critic.

Well, you weren't too impressed with the poetry presented.
In your opinion was this because the editors picked the wrong
poets or because they picked the wrong poems (or because
both the poets and poems weren't worth the time reading?)

How do you think 2011 stacked up against the previous years?
And was it because of the poetry or a different bunch of editors?

    Rick Parker