Sorry for the late post.

My sister and I drove to Smithville to see Snowy Owls on 12-26-12. We arrived there a little after 7am.

On the way towards DD on Hwy 92 E of 169 and W of DD we saw a N Shrike on the telephone wire on the N side of the road. No good place to stop. Tried a pull off E of the bird and got out of the car. Also drove back W to a road whose name I do not recall and got out again. It dove down into brush both times and back up.  Friendly local police drove by several times and we decided to go on-not wanting to miss a life bird for her.

Also saw a Loggerheaded Shrike in area close to there. So don't see the L and think that there is not a Northern.

And we did not miss the Snowy. None at Little Platte,  or Crow's Creek and only had one very cooperative S of the dam on a barrel. Saw what appeared to be the same one later in the day further N but still on the dam. It has small amount of barring on top of the head and one line of barring on the nape. the face and head white otherwise. The wings and back were barred as well.

Had Fox Sparrow on Long.
Lots of Redhead ducks near the dam.

Helen Hewins
Overland Park, KS

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