Hello all,

I'm sorry bother everyone with this, but I am in need of some advice with the binoculars I was given for Christmas and was hoping someone on the listserve here may be able to help (this is my 1st decent binocular and I am pretty new to birding so bare with me, please).

It is a Barska binocular that has an 8 mega pixel camera attached. It is called the "Point 'n View" and is an 8X32 binocular. The binocular itself is great, especially compared to what I had before but I am having trouble getting the camera to produce any "decent" pics. I knew not expect much with this, but I have been out every morning since Christmas trying to get a semi-good picture. Most of the pics I am getting are not focused on the bird I am trying to capture. Pics of trees far off in the distance seem better, but I have none with a bird in it yet. The camera is set at a 4 X zoom and I don't think I can change this setting.

Below is a pic of a NOCA that is pretty blurry.

Below is the same NOCA only he is perched in a different tree that was further away from me.

A CAWR that I was not even 20 ft away from


A far off tree during sunset. This one seems decent, but no birds are in this pic and if they were they would probably appear tiny, unless it was maybe a raptor or larger bird of some sort.

This one is neat of a flyover even though its pretty blurry. It was taken at sunset on Christmas day.

As you can see, most of these pictures are pretty bad! Most of the pics I have taken are similar to the ones of the NOCA, CAWR, and TUTI above...

  I was wondering if there is anyone that uses a camera binocular? If so, I would appreciate any advice on possible ways to improve these pics  (a camera setting maybe?). The binocular came with a program for editing pics, I am going to try this software later today.

I understand this may be a lost cause, but hey at least the binocular itself is great, right!?


Elyse Coffey

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