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Date: Fri, Dec 23, 2011 1:35 pm
Subject: white hawk on I-70 near US 65
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This morning, my wife Sharon and I went to look for the large white bird
on I-70 near US 65. We took the first exit west of US 65 and got  onto
the  frontage road on  the north side of I-70.  At about 8:30, we saw a
very white bird perched in a tree on the south side of I-70. We 
couldn't get very close, but through the binoculars,  it looked like a
white, red-tailed hawk.  The head looked like a hawk's rather than an
owl's, there were  some russet colored feathers in the tail and it
looked like a hawk in flight.

Mike and Sharon Morey
Columbia, MO

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